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I’m a music producer and I have worked with the likes of….Aerosmith, Ozzy, Ringo Starr, and many more, so its rare that I get moved by an artist. I LOVE THIS ALBUM ! David Rudbarg throws down old blues. great rock, and a sensitive ballad as good as anybody out there! I put on the C.D every morning, so I can get ready to go out and kick some musical ass ! In a time when the record “biz” in such turmoil, this album gives a glimmer of hope, that a great, honest voice can make a difference…….and it does.
Mark Hudson
Music Producer/Songwriter
“Dave’s album takes me to Chicago bars and Memphis clubs and New Orleans’ streets. Soulful American sounds.”
Jim Murphy
Good Morning America
ABC News
From the opening bars of a revved up cover of Leaving on a Jet Plane through the last notes of Whenever You Come Around, Dave Rudbarg takes the listener on a tour of his take of rock, blues and soul. His backing band is great but the star of this CD is Rudbarg’s voice. The best surprise on the album is Dave’s original
song “Living in the Land of Yes.”
Joe Scarborough
“Dave Rudbarg sings and plays with that rough vocal sound that wakes you up and calms you down. It is rock and poetry stirring in a cup of soul.”
Bob Woodruff
ABC News
I just have to say, I BOUGHT DAVE’S CD A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO AND I LOVE IT!! My favorite barista is also a bad-ass blues singer. Opening with a high octane version of “Leaving on a Jetplane” was bold, and it paid off. Living in the Land of Yes is an amazing original, and I love “Whenever You Come Around” with Christine Smith. This cd is also beautifully produced…this is no basement demo. It’s a great sounding disc that will do your sound system justice. Great songs, great band, GREAT BIG VOICE!! I’m really enjoying this cd, Dave. Great stuff!
Robert Cantwell
Channel 7 Eyewitness News
Emmy Award Winner Producer
Dave’s voice has the growl of a bluesman and the depth of a church organ: it’s Van Morrison and John Lee Hooker digging for gold in the back alley. This is a guy whose voice is as big as his heart. Go ahead
and Listen to the Lion.
Jay Schadler
ABC News correspondent
Dave Rudbarg “”Dave’s voice is the big dawg… growling ,snarling and nasty as hell.”
John Hahn
Dave sings rock and soul with his notes coming from somewhere way deep inside….
Ivan Bodley
Musical Director, Sam Moore
“Loved the cd. You totally rocked it”
Sam Champion
Good Morning America
“This is one of the best soul collections you will hear. Dave has a voice full of rage and tenderness, with such a feel for the roots of this wonderful music. His band is perfectly balanced and together they fill these songs with power and joy. A complete delight. Thank you Dave!” .
Alfred Molina
Dave’s album is a great ride. It’s got funk, it’s got soul,
it’s raw, genuine and honest. I know what a labor of love it is to put
your own work out there. Bravo!
New York actress Melissa Center
Creator/Star of www.missedconnectionslive.com
After listening to ‘Living In The Land Of Yes’ many times, I am reminded how layered, beautiful, raw and soulful this album is. It is impossible to say no, to ‘Living In The Land Of Yes’.
Natasha Alexandra/NLX
“Dave Rudbarg’s voice is a full blown weather report , whether its the thunder he exudes in songs like “The Groom’s Still Waiting at the Altar” and “All about You”, or the break of the storm that is “Living in the Land of Yes”. He takes you into the eye of the storm but leaves you basking in the sun. A must have.”
Christine Santelli
“Enjoyed the CD! When you’re playing Radio City someday, I’ll say “I knew him when.”
Bill Weir Good Morning America
‎”Dave Rudbarg’s CD is AWESOME!
I loved “Am I Losing You?” and my friend really loved “Honey Bunny”!
Dave is AMAZING!”
Angie Riley

“Dave Rudbarg’s new CD LIVING IN THE LAND OF YES wowed me.
His heavy, soulful voice is a powerful as two Mack Trucks rolling down Highway
10 to visit the most special girl the Mississippi Queen.”
“New York Boss Guitar Man”
Dave Fields Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine

If you wanna hear ballads that will tear you’re heart out,you gotta hear Dave Rudbarg’s latest musical offering”Living In The Land Of Yes”. Like getting hit with a handfull of M80’s! Great music.
Bobby Radcliff

“Enjoyed the CD! When you’re playing Radio City someday, I’ll say “I knew him when.”
Bill Weir
ABC News/Nightline

This guy’s got a voice, he’s got passion, and he writes. Dave Rudbarg is an introspective person and an observer of life, and love. What’s most evident on this CD, however, is that he plays the games of life and love with heart, with fervor, and with intensity. This shines through in his performance on each passionate… minute of this album.”
Gina Sicilia

“I think your album is fantastic-you should be very proud- and you can quote me.
” Beth Ostrosky Stern

@mannweil: Hi Dave, Barry listened to your CD. He thought it showed a great deal of talent and wishes you the best of luck. Lisa Aaaronson asst to MW